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Intellectual Property Litigation

Larsen & Rico is an experienced business litigation firm in Salt Lake City that provides effective courtroom representation to clients throughout Utah.

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Salt Lake City Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys

Protecting Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Trademarks and Patents

For many companies, intellectual property — patents, copyrights, trade dress, trade secrets and trademarks — comprises their most valuable assets. Success in today’s global marketplace increasingly depends on safeguarding intellectual property (IP). That’s why businesses turn to Larsen & Rico for complex cases that require a broad-based knowledge of legal, technical, scientific and strategic experience in managing and protecting priceless IP rights and assets.

Strategic and Responsive Counsel

We know how fast you need to move when your brand name is threatened, your goodwill is at stake or your trade secrets are being stolen. Larsen & Rico works with a variety of industries — technology, engineering, medical device, telecommunications, automotive, biotechnology, and more — through all stages of commercial litigation. Because time is of the essence, we are prepared to move immediately for injunctive and equitable relief in the courts, obtaining preliminary injunctions and restraining orders against IP infringers within an exceptionally short timeframe.

We practice throughout the state and the country, before Utah state judges, in federal district and appellate courts, regularly representing clients in:

  • Trade dress, trade name and trademark litigation
  • Trade secrets, unfair competition, internet infringement and technology infringement actions
  • False advertising, defamation, publicity rights and similar claims
  • Copyright litigation, DMCA allegations, circumvention, fair use and secondary liability
  • Patent cases on behalf of alleged infringers and patent holders
  • IP partnership disputes, nondisclosure agreements and misappropriation

We are a boutique litigation firm, so our business clients know that enlisting our assistance means working with attorneys who are ready to go to the mat to protect their assets and their businesses from state law claims under the Utah Unfair Practices Act, Utah Consumer Sales Protection Act, Utah Truth in Advertising Act and from federal actions based on the Lanham Act and other statutes.

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