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Larsen & Rico is an experienced business litigation firm in Salt Lake City that provides effective courtroom representation to clients throughout Utah.

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Salt Lake City Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation Attorney

Complex litigation becomes more complex when plaintiffs bring lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions — and soon, costs mount as multiple law firms, courts in multiple states, and numerous plaintiffs, co-plaintiffs, defendants and co-defendants suddenly appear. Larsen & Rico can assist in effectively and cost-efficiently managing multi-jurisdictional litigation. In some cases this means centralizing cases in one jurisdiction (and dismissing them in others) — and in other cases, this means centrally managing all cases, with one law firm coordinating claims and defenses across the United States.

Although there is no formal definition of multi-jurisdictional litigation, certain criteria usually “qualify” such litigation:

  • There are at least two cases, filed in different venues and jurisdictions, that have substantially common factual elements and legal claims.
  • The cases would involve duplicative planning, discovery, expert testimony and document drafting.
  • There is a strong risk that collateral estoppel and res judicata would apply.
  • There are multiple local attorneys involved.
  • Coordination of factual and legal positions is necessary for success.

Larsen & Rico is experienced and sophisticated in managing large, multidistrict litigation on behalf of our clients. We work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that multidistrict matters are well-structured and consistent across the board, maximizing the opportunity for success. To achieve this, we apply several practical and procedural techniques:

  • Centralized interviewing and hiring of local attorneys who have experience with the local judges, forum and rules of practice
  • Developing a thorough understanding of the allegations and facts
  • Interviewing company and expert witnesses to determine the course of events
  • Hiring experts and specialists who can testify and deliver opinions in multiple jurisdictions
  • Understanding and using procedural and substantive measures to our clients’ advantage

Of all these steps, the single most important and critical is to work with the litigators at Larsen & Rico as “coordination counsel.” By having our team manage your litigation across the country or even around the world, you know that you have a core team that knows every nook and cranny of the dispute — not individual law firms and lawyers who need to be instructed again and again. With our experience managing multi-jurisdictional litigation and our effective solutions for discovery, briefing, argument and the eventual end-game, you can rely on us for trials, appeals and other bloodsports wherever they may arise.

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